Apple iPad Facebook Contest–Void


RateDiary Facebook Contest

RateDiary Facebook Contest


So get this, you know the whole RateDiary thing? We really want to kick it off, and kick it off big. So we’re starting out with a contest, giving away a free iPad.

You heard us right. We’re giving one person a free iPad.

We won’t say that person’s a lucky winner, ‘cause there’s no luck involved, just determination and a passion for RateDiary.

Here’s how it works.

The first thing you have to do is LIKE us on Facebook. Pretty simple, right? Just a click, and you’re already through the first step.

Second step isn’t too difficult either. You gotta head on over to and sign up as a consumer. It’s completely free to consumers, and always will be.

Third step is a little harder, but honestly? We think you’re more than capable of it. You need to generate business referrals. Basically what that means, is that you print out a voucher inviting a business to join RateDiary. Not sure how? Don’t worry, we’ll be posting instructional videos soon, and you can always call 1-866-3REVIEW – (373-8439) or ask us how on our contact page.

So, you take the voucher, and in your most polite, non-threatening, and collected tone of voice explain the idea behind RateDiary, and offer it to the business to join. Please do not come up to them, shove the voucher in their face, scream random syllables, and run. Let them know there’s a special deal if they sign up before we finish the Mobile App!

Once you get 20 businesses to actually sign up, you’re almost there! How will we know which one has signed up because of you? Well, make sure they know about the specific code on the voucher you hand them, it will not only identify YOU as the reason they signed up, but you will receive $20 in your RateDiary account for each business that joins!

So, what do you need to do to complete the contest? You need to find 5 businesses that have signed up, purchase something, and ask them if you can review their establishment for a few RateDollars. Using the RateDollar voucher, and the special code on it, you leave these 5 businesses each a review and a rating.

So, just to summarize

  1. Like our Facebook
  2. Join RateDiary as a consumer
  3. Get 20 businesses to sign up
  4. Leave 5 reviews/ratings

There is no special drawing, or random lottery. And nobody will hop the inside track on you, or in real-people speech, RateDiary Team members and their families can not participate in these contests. We would love to, but we’re not fond of handcuffs or orange jumpsuits. The first person to reach all these criteria wins a free iPad, pure and simple. If you think you’ve met all the qualifications, shoot us an email at and we’ll see if you’re our first ever RateDiary contest winner.

Yes, we said first. Did you really think we wouldn’t have more of these? If you don’t catch it this time, just wait. We’ve got so much more in store for you.

–The RateDiary Team

P.S. Complete terms and conditions available here.