Apple iPad Facebook Drawing

RateDiary Facebook Contest

RateDiary Facebook Drawing

At RateDiary, we’re nothing if not attentive, and we have noticed something very odd.

While our Twitter contest has over 40 likes in 11 days, our Facebook contest has a grand total of… 1 like. And that “like” was us.

So, our greatest minds got on the case, analyzing the situation backwards, forwards, sideways, and in every diagonal direction you could think of, and came up with a startling conclusion.

The Facebook contest was too complicated.

Therefore, we have revised the Facebook contest, along with the rules of it, as follows.

The prize is the same as before, an Apple iPad, but this time, getting a chance at it is a lot simpler. The first step has already been followed by about 39 people. Don’t worry guys, this step includes all people who have already followed it, as well as all people who follow it for the next 90 days.

What is the magical first step? “Like” RateDiary on Facebook. Simple as that.

The second step isn’t much harder, take this Note (on Facebook) and Share it on your public Facebook feed, to let other people know about our great contest.

So, to recap

  1. “Like” us on Facebook
  2. Share this note on your public Facebook feed

This contest has a deadline! On May 26, 2013 the clock stops. We will collect all names of people who have completed the two simple tasks we have assigned them. All those usernames go into a party bag (We would have used a fancy hat, but the fancy hat has a contract with our Twitter contest) and one is pulled out. That person is the winner!

Much easier, don’t you think? And hey, if you share the note with a creative message, we might even collect it to display in a list on our page. We love a good chuckle, and we’re sure your friends will appreciate something clever as well.

Looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

–The RateDiary Team

P.S. Complete revised terms and conditions available here.

RateDiary LAUNCH!

Hey folks, guess what, we’ve got huge news!

Are you ready for this?

Are you really ready?

Are you sitting down and relaxed?

Because this is the biggest news to hit the internet in the last decade.


I know, I know, “What is RateDiary?” You’re asking yourself, “I’ve never heard of this.” True, maybe you’re not that excited cause we’ve kept it pretty hush hush, but we’ve been working on this forever, slaving over a dial-up connection in a dimly lit shack for months on end, making sure it’s just right for you. So, as you can guess, we are ecstatic to present you with the latest and greatest model of online business reviewing and reputation management on the market!

RateDiary’s mission is to completely change the dynamics of online reviews and reputation management. We’ve seen too many good businesses get reputation-bombed by someone who never even purchased from their company, or buy their way out of legitimate criticisms to make themselves look great. We also know how hard it is to get actual consumers to leave reviews, as they are rather busy people themselves and don’t have time to sit and leave a good write-up.

With this in mind, we have created a system that rewards consumers for the time they take to rate and review, while ensuring that ONLY legitimate customers (someone who has actually purchased from the business they are reviewing) are allowed to rate and review. So finally, businesses can benefit from an honest analysis of their products and service, and consumers are rewarded for their efforts.

We’ll be releasing a ton of information over the next few weeks, from instructional videos, to blogs about the features, to Facebook posts and Tweets. So keep an eye out on all channels of information, you never know what’s coming down the pipeline next at RateDiary!

–The RateDiary Team